• Floor Plan
  • Reception view-1
  • Reception view-2
  • Feature Wall
  • Workstation view-1
  • Workstation view-2
  • Workstation view-3
  • Workstation view-4
  • Training Room
  • Board Room
  • Breakout space-1
  • Breakout space-2
  • Breakout space-3
  • Pantry - 1
  • Pantry - 2
  • Pantry - 2a

Name of the Project: Autoliv.

Location: Manyata Tech Park, Nagawara, Bangalore

Area: 40,000 Sqft

Year of Completion: 2015


Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier with sales to all the leading car manufacturers in the world. They develop, manufacture and market protective systems protect from severe injuries. 


The 40,000 sq ft office crust was designed in a way that is inclined to house 500 employees with more interactive spaces to collaborate innovative minds. The laser wood cuts exhibiting their automotive design was one of the score for the entire project.